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Compared with KMShare, KVMShare Pro allows you to display your windows on the screens of connected computers creatig a seamless computer experience connecting up to 3 computers together and working on all of them as if it was one big computer.
The Pro version can share your mouse, keyboard, clipboard and also your windows all connected computers. Simply move your mouse cursor off the screen and it will appear on the screen of the other computer, keyboard focus will follow and also the contents of the clipboard.
With a simple hotkey you can move your windows to the screen of the other computers as well as if you have a second monitor.

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Receive now 64% discount on GiMeSpace Desktop Extender 3D!

GiMeSpace Desktop Extender 3D is the deluxe version of the Desktop Extenders. It uses the latest Aero theme desktop technology present in windows Vista and 7/8/10/11. Like in the standard edition you can scroll left-right, up-down. But now you can also zoom in and out seamless. So you can navigate your desktop in 3 dimensions!
Zooming in is usefull to see details on your screen more clearly. Zooming out is usefull to see the whole overview of your desktop and to see a whole window if that window is bigger then your screen. Windows are scaled down but it is still possible to work with your windows while you are in 'zoomed' mode. There are many more new advanced options in this edition like reverse the scrolling direction, use of hotkeys, try it out!
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GiMeSpace Touch Space Synth. Receive now 75% discount on the Pro version!

Compared to the home edition the 32bit Pro edition has midi support and extra functions to adjust frequency bands. The Pro version also allows you to disable specific notes so playing is easier without accidently hitting the wrong notes. The example instruments have disabled the "black" notes so it sounds nicer when testing this.
Also the Pro edition allows you to export an instrument as a wav sample.
The 64bit Pro edition has more processing power and for that has half the latency compared to the 32bit Pro version, this means the sound of a note is reproduced faster.
The 64bit Extreme edition has 4x the amount of frequency bands so transition between frequencies is smoother but also it allows for much lower frequencies. This is why a 4 core processor is recommended because it takes more power to reproduce sound.
Second difference is the tone scale is expanded the full scale midi range (note 0 till 127). If you only use MIDI output than you can also run it on a dual core processor.
Pro and extreme edition:
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