This Program allows you to navigate your game by using your own body as a  joystick. You can move your body to the left and right to turn in those directions. And to the front and back to go forward or backward.

The program has a calibration system that allows for a smooth recognition of your movements. The movements are translated to keyboard, joystick or mouse emulation depending on what kind of input your game needs. Mouse emulation can be either in absolute movements or relative movements depending on how much your body is moving. The keyboard emulation can emulate normal keyboard input or Direct Input for DirectX games.
It's possible to adjust the sensitivity to your circumstances and also possible to enhance the camera input by increasing contrast etc or even use false colors to enhance the recognition.

While developing this program most effort was made to minimize the load on your CPU so that it does not affect the performance of your games. (vJoy joystick emulation is available for free from:

GiMeSpace Cam Control Gamer's Edition version 3.2.0

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Screen shots: